10 Reasons Audience Voting System Adoption Is Surging Cross-Industry

The use cases for real time audience voting are plentiful, and growing in popularity as mobile  connectivity makes audience response system technology more scalable. Conference event and training professionals are using audience voting to encourage learning retention and boost attendee satisfaction.

Professional organizations and associations are using audience voting to enhance member retention and combat voting decline. On the other end of the spectrum, government leaders are using it to satisfy demands for more transparent, efficient voting at town halls and political conventions.

Here are the top 10 reasons audience voting has become a preferred option:

1. Votes are collected, counted and managed in real time

2. Voter eligibility is assessed in real time

3. Voting round accuracy and quorum is verified in real time

4. Duplicate votes and submissions from ineligible voters are excluded from vote counts

5. Meeting delays due to vote recounts and objections are eliminated

6. Virtual voters can participate in ballots concurrent with in-person voters using mobile

7. Smartphones, tablets and wireless keypad clickers can be used as voting devices

8. Multi-site event holders can open up voting access to in-person and remote delegates

9. Voter submission results can be concealed on sensitive ballots

10. Multi-choice audience voting can be used for opinion polling