Lead Event Experiences With VPOLL Gamification

Game Changing Meeting Gamification

A single virtual solution for deepened learning at employee trainings, team building events, presentations and meetings.


Gamify Knowledge Retention

Reinforce information recall and retention with friendly competition between teams!

  • Predetermine teams by attendee profile
  • Use answer responses to split attendees into teams live in real time

Instantaneous Rankings

Add a competitive touch to your event for heightened team building and participation

  • Display points by team or individual
  • Run synchronized competitions in breakout sessions
  • Assign correct answers and points based on response and time to respond

Incentivize Meeting Involvement

Encourage everyone to put their best foot forward with the positive feedback of score rankings or prizes.

  • Live display leaderboard
  • Customize rankings and prize image display
  • Automated points scoring by individual or team

Kick Off Meaningful Connections

Build excitement for newly presented content and foster trust between teams in a fun format

Incentivize Participant Engagement

Tap into the instant gratification that make video games compelling with the optional prize bonus

Make Paying Attention Pay

Congratulate the first person to answer each round correctly and highlight standing progression

Bring Teams Together With Game Competitions

Team Assignments

Speed Points Feature

Reward Correct Answers

Simultaneous Breakouts

Reward First Correct Answer

Competition Leaderboard

Real-Time Reporting

Foster A Sense Of Achievement

Engage distributed teams in competition and watch the excitement grow as teams rise up the standings

Where Everyone Wins

Introduce the element of competition to make meetings more educational, enjoyable, and memorable

Gain Instant Feedback

Assess productivity and comprehension with real-time scoring and downloadable reporting 

VPOLL For Interactive Meetings & Event Gamification