Vote In A Flash With 

VPOLL for E-Voting

The Building Blocks Of Secure Virtual Elections


Authenticated Login

Proxy Votes

Group Based Voting

Weighted Votes


Min/Max Voting

Required Majority


Instant Reports

Online Elections For Any Industry

Use VPOLL for improved voter participation and maximum engagement in hybrid, in-person, and virtual online elections.

Annual general meetings

Easily and securely manage elections requiring weighted shareholder and proxy voting.

  • Approve Board of Directors
  • Vote on motions

Religious conventions

Streamline elections with VPOLL’s easy to use, secure e-voting system. 

  • Vote by order
  • Select among a slate of hundreds of candidates
  • Conduct multiple ballots
  • Approve resolutions and amendments to bylaws

Political elections

Conduct remote and in-person voting during leadership conventions and key events.

  • Conduct simultaneous voting sessions
  • Calculate required majority thresholds instantly
  • Instant runoffs
  • Determine your plank

Easy To Navigate

Simple enough for new technology users to login and cast their ballot

From Any Device

Voters can vote using computer, tablet, or mobile devices

256-Bit Encryption For Secure Voting

Authenticate voters for safe elections on the VPOLL encrypted web platform

Tally And Audit Votes In Seconds

Election results are computed in real-time for instant verification

What We Learned Using E-Voting For The First Time At Our Diocesan Convention

This fall, the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina joined many church organizations in transitioning its annual diocesan convention to e-voting. 

Custom Election Design

Easily set minority, majority voting criteria, and configure weighted or proxy voting.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Configure your ballots to handle any candidate election, bylaw amendment, ratification, budget approval, or motion

Protecting Vote Integrity 

There are no invalid votes with VPOLL. Using Min/Max voting, voters can only submit a correct number of selections

Time Saving Automation

Focus on what’s next while VPOLL authenticates voter eligibility and tallies voting results in seconds

Weighing Your Options

Use this rubric to compare e-voting system features and quoted prices.