Gathering honest employee feedback is the ultimate challenge for most companies. Employees oftentimes are reluctant to share their honest concerns and ideas with management, or even with their peers, for fear of judgement. This broken feedback loop can jeopardize the flow of opportunities that companies have to boost customer satisfaction, seize new opportunities, and implement new ideas. Employees who feel unheard also inflate a company’s risk of high employee turnover. With remote working and dispersed teams on the rise, these risks and associated costs will only grow more prominent with time.

Here’s how your organization can empower employees to share, openly, using digital and mobile audience response systems (ARS) technology.

Employee suggestion polling & surveying

Live, anonymous polls calling for employee suggestions on how to improve customer satisfaction, product/service quality, and team relations provide the ultimate convenience and privacy for employees.

Employee suggestion polls are logistically simple to manage, and send a statement to employees that their voices are being taken seriously.

  • Archived polls can be digitally accessed and referenced over an infinite period of time
  • Employee insights can be aggregated by region, department, seniority or performance level

Constructive feedback surveys

Sharing feedback for personal improvement often evokes feelings of anxiety in both the receiver and giver. No one wants to offend or hurt the feelings of another colleague. Give team feedback sharing a positive spin, by instructing teams to anonymously submit a piece of constructive criticism and positive feedback to one another over the course of a day or week.

  • Constructive feedback surveys can be setup to allow for open-ended responses from participants
  • Email a participation link directly to employees
  • Track participation by number of submissions
  • Promote as a form of informal coaching
  • Reward teams for their full participation


Regular performance review surveys

Regular employee check-ins ensure that employees are performing effectively and receiving the support they need to be satisfied. By supplementing in-person employee performance reviews with regular online surveying, employee concerns can be responded to in a more time appropriate manner. Employee review surveys should focus on a singular, cited goal to ensure that the information collected is streamlined enough to be actionable.

  • A/B test anonymous and named surveys to check for honesty
  • Include rating scale questions to measure satisfaction and the health of team relations
  • Use data reporting to spot trends across departments or the entire organization

Final words

Just as popular project management and business communications tools like Slack have moved the needle on employee collaboration, audience response systems are bridging the gaps during meetings and trainings. With it, management teams are supporting many objectives to boost employee morale, improve productivity and support innovation.