In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series, we’re examining Audience Response Systems Inc, an audience response systems technology company founded in 1984. Based in Indiana, U.S.A., Audience Response Systems Inc specializes in serving the meetings industry.

Audience Response System Inc. Device Options

Audience Response Systems Inc offers wireless keypad response devices manufactured by Fleetwood and CLiKAPAD for purchase and rental. Audience Response Systems Inc’s mobile response solution, Poller 2.0, is powered by the provider PushOne.

Vistacom, Turning Technologies and iClicker also provide wireless keypad response devices for purchase and rental, as well as mobile audience response solutions. Similar to Audience Response Systems Inc, each vendor offers mobile response solutions that support both on-site and remote participant engagement. The mobile response solutions offered by Vistacom, Turning Technologies and iClicker however are custom developed and internally supported.

Audience Response System Inc. Connectivity Options

Audience Response Systems Inc’s audience response systems support the full spectrum of connectivity options. Wifi, cellular, and wireless radio frequency can be set up. Audience response systems offered by Vistacom, Turning Technologies and iClicker also support WiFi, cellular and wireless radio frequency.

Audience Response System Inc. Customer Support

Audience Response Systems Inc. offers layered levels of support with full-service and do-it-yourself packages. Customers who choose full-service packages receive on-site support from field technicians. Customers who choose do-it-yourself packages are responsible for deploying their audience response system with limited remote support from Audience Response Systems Inc.

Vistacom similarly provides full-service as well as self-managed DIY packages. Those who choose full-service packages receive on-site support from a dedicated account manager and field technician(s). Customers who choose to deploy their audience response system without on-site support are provided online troubleshooting resources, instructional content and limited remote support.