In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series we’re taking a closer look at CLiKAPAD, one of the longer standing audience response companies started in 1991. Based in the U.K., CLiKAPAD offers wireless keypad devices that fit comfortably in the palm of a hand. Their ARS technology is primarily used by businesses to conduct voting and gather information from large numbers of people.

Audience Response System Device Options

CLiKAPAD offers internally developed credit card sized keypad handsets. Their wireless keypad response devices are available for rental or purchase. CLiKAPAD exclusively relies on keypad handsets to deliver its response solution. Unlike Vistacom and a few select audience response system providers, CLiKAPAD does not support mobile devices.

CLiKAPAD Software

CLiKAPAD’s audience response system is fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. Their audience response software, ppvote, is used for feedback collection, knowledge testing, quizzing and polling.

CLiKAPAD Customer Support

CLiKAPAD offers fully managed and do-it-yourself service. Those who choose their fully managed service receive an on-site field technician(s) as well as custom reporting. Do-it-yourself customers have access to introductory web coaching.