In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series we’re examining iClicker, an audience response systems company specializing in classroom response. Offered as part of Macmillan Learning’s digital products, iClicker is primarily used in the higher education setting to engage students in live polling, quizzing, and attendance tracking.

Classroom Response System Devices

Students can connect to iClicker’s classroom response system via a keypad device, smartphones app, or laptop/computer browser. Their audience response system is accessible via keypad device or mobile app only. iClicker’s keypad devices are available both for purchase and rental.

iClicker Software

iClicker’s classroom response system integrates with popular learning management systems. Classroom response results are graded in real time, saving instructors from grading live quizzes. Classroom and audience response users can also compete individually or in teams when engaging with live polls and quizzes.

Only the most advanced audience response systems providers–Vistacom, PollEverywhere and iClicker–can handle gamification, and support participants using mobile and keypad devices to engage team based competitions. Team based, collaborative learning is fully supported and results are calculated in real time. Response results can be calculated and assigned a score by individual or team. Vistacom’s ARS software also supports response timestamping so that respondents who submit the correct answer first can be identified.

iClicker Customer Support

iClicker offers plug-and-play and fully managed audience response systems. Those who choose a fully managed service gain access to on-site field technician(s), and plug-and-play customers receive online training and operational support.