Conference planning has always been a profession that requires major grit. Even with advancements in event management technology, meeting planners are finding it difficult to compete in today’s saturated business conference market. As the costs of attending conferences rise, conference attendees expect more unique experiences, and measurable outcomes.

To meet these heightened expectations, meeting planners are experimenting with event management technologies that enable them to better understand and respond to attendees’ preferences. Still, the majority of meeting planners struggle to analyze and apply data sourced from event management tools. Nearly half of all meeting planners also find it difficult to communicate with attendees onsite, according to a new study.

Here are 3 ways meeting planners use data generated by audience response systems to address the needs of conference attendees.

Live polling during presentations

By incorporating live polls into conference presentations, conference speakers can transform dull keynotes into dynamic, conversational dialogues. By posing provocative poll questions, keynote presenters can combat short attention spans and spark audience excitement. With the contextual information gathered from live polls, keynote presenters can adjust their talking points to reflect the challenges and attitudes that resonate most with attendees.


Survey attendees during events

Live audience response solutions enable conference attendees to submit feedback to presenters in real time across multiple channels. Meeting planners can administer live polls, and multiple choice and/or open-ended surveying. By collecting audience information live during the event, challenges associated with regaining the attention of attendees post-event are eliminated. It’s reported that email newsletter open rates for entertainment and event industry is only 21.2 percent. Conference organizers are more likely to benefit from greater survey participation when attendees are surveyed at the end of each conference session.


Post-event data visualizations

With all the excitement that executing an event brings, it’s near impossible for planners to stay on top of everything that’s going on. Meeting planners who take the time to reflect on the high and low moments of a conference are better suited to build on their conference’s successes and professionally shine when planning future events.

Though the urge to move onto the next project may be tempting, post-event data analysis should not be overlooked. Top-rated ARS Business Solutions automatically generate downloadable charts, graphs and reports, displaying critical data points through easy-to-understand, shareable visualizations.


As the competition heats up, conference organizers and planners will continue to adopt event management technologies. Those who turn to live audience response can considerably improve the success of their events with highly engaging, experiential conference formats and data-driven attendee feedback processing. Thousands of businesses use Vistacom’s wireless keypad clicker and mobile audience response solution to engage physical and virtual attendees in highly relevant, interactive presentations.