Large multi-chapter organizations and associations stand to reap significant benefits from live streaming their elections onto social media using audience response systems for electronic voting. The U.S Soccer Federation’s 2018 Presidential Election was one of their most controversial and contested elections in recent history. By live streaming with Fox Sports and ESPN and broadcasting the results of each ballot onto Twitter, the Federation was able to satisfy demands for greater transparency, demonstrate collaborative leadership, and fortify public trust.

Choosing a social network for election live streaming

When it comes to broadcasting major events, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the networks of choice. If engaging members of your organization and the general public are equally important, then Twitter and YouTube should be your social media channels of choice. If your sole objective is to engage members of your organization, then Facebook Live is a more appropriate channel.

Selecting an electronic voting system

Using audience response system technology, multi-chapter organizations can open up voting to in-person and remote delegates. A select handful of ARS providers offer real-time electronic voting for organizations looking to progress from traditional paper ballots and scantron systems. Connectivity, hardware reliability, and ease of use are all factors to consider when deciding between ARS live balloting systems.

With Vistacom’s audience response system, voting delegates can place votes in a single click – first inputting their voting choice and then pressing ‘Send’. Incoming votes can be displayed live on screen or hidden depending on whether the election holders are using an election process monitoring agency. The U.S. Soccer Federation recently achieved 99.75% participation in its multi-round election process.

Final thoughts

When paired with social media live stream, audience response systems for electronic voting are a powerful driver of brand exposure and member engagement. Together, both tools allow organization leaders to satisfy demands for transparent, rapidly responsive action. Using auto-generated reports and analytics dashboards, voting round participation and accuracy can be verified in real-time.

Unlock the potential of your next elections with Vistacom, the preferred partner of multi-chapter organizations in need of an affordable and reliable audience response system for live streaming elections.