Boosting the quality of continuing medical education programs and conference events

Vistacom’s suite of wireless audience response keypad solutions have enabled The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® to meet several organizational goals.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN®), a not-for-profit alliance of 27 leading cancer centers, adopted Vistacom’s live audience response system (ARS) fifteen years ago with the aim of enhancing the quality of its continuing medical education (CME) and conference offerings. With Vistacom’s ARS solutions, NCCN is effecting change in learners’ behavior that is improving health outcomes for patients with cancer.

Vistacom’s live audience response solution has supported NCCN’s vision of becoming a world leader in defining and advancing high-quality cancer care.

Interactive Learning

Live audience polling and surveying are used for interactive presentations


An environment of professional collaboration and shared learning is encouraged

Knowledge Retention

Continuous improvements are made with real-time data monitoring

With presentations ranging from 20 minutes to 2 hours, physician, nurse, and clinical lecturers are strongly encouraged to integrate live audience response into their content delivery approach.

Speakers engage physicians and attendees in hyper-relevant, interactive lectures that take the unique learning needs of the audience into account.

Speakers and panelists conduct live polls and apply poll results to their lecture in real time. Better informed, speakers exchange lessons and supporting contextual information that resonates strongly with audience members.

According to a senior project manager at NCCN, “ARS questions really liven up not only the presentation but also, when we have a panel or roundtable, those questions are great for informing the panel about the audience, and help fuel the discussion that takes place.”

Case study polling exercises challenge physicians to engage in clinical problem solving and self-reflection that advance quality of practice.

The interactivity of ARS opens the gateway for speakers to transform case studies into teachable moments that inspire self-reflection and physician behavior change. Participants vote on how they would respond to cases that are presented.

Speakers can also repoll physicians and clinicians to determine whether presented evidence and theories were effective in influencing medical decision making. With live audience response, speakers deliver interactive learning exercises that strengthen physicians’ reflective competence.

“We’ve been approached by other companies, and we’ve turned them down consistently because of the great relationship we have with Vistacom professionally and personally.”

—Mark Geisler, Director of Conferences and Meetings

“We’ve developed such a great relationship with them…they really go above and beyond.”

—Rose Joyce, Senior Project Manager of Conferences and Meetings

NCCN consistently receives positive feedback from physicians commending the interactive nature of their offering. Younger physicians and clinicians especially appreciate the interactive program offering.

Speakers praise Vistacom’s ARS solution for its ease of use, finding its technology so much easier than other platforms. They appreciate being able to identify the learning needs of the audience without resorting to the standard show of hands. Vistacom’s live data result charts and visualizations make it easy for speakers to respond to the right questions and provide the right answers to physician and clinician attendees.

NCCN actively monitors improvements in conceptual understanding during their events. Vistacom also provides comprehensive data reporting that NCCN can access online post event.


Vistacom’s commitment to delivering best-in-class customer service underpins its longstanding relationship with NCCN. Despite being approached by competitors, NCCN has used Vistacom’s Audience Response System for hundreds of events and conferences.
After years of use, NCCN has even adopted Vistacom’s self-service audience response solution for their committee and departmental meetings. With it, NCCN scores clinical trial grants for funding decisions, conducts voting on recommendations made in the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®), and facilitates polling regarding other business decisions.

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