In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series we’re taking a look at Nearpod, a classroom interactivity tool that allows teachers to engage students in instructional lessons using classroom response devices. It comes with ready-to-teach lessons and formative assessment software.

Classroom Response System Devices

Students can connect to Nearpod using a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device. Their classroom response system is accessible via any web browser.

Nearpod Software

Students are engaged with interactive quizzes and polls, virtual field trips, 3D Objects, and open ended Q&A. Their solution integrates with learning management systems like Blackboard and Schoology. Teachers can view student responses individually or as a class and generate reports on each session with ease.

As with the advanced providers of audience response systems, Nearpod’s software supports interactive learning, gamification and formative assessment. Response results are calculated in real time and scores are assigned by individual or team.

Nearpod Customer Support

Nearpod users can access an online help center and communicate with a support team via their website. Nearpod also regularly hosts live webinars.