In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series, we’re examining how PollEverywhere compares to the rest. PollEverywhere is a software-based audience response systems company founded in 2008. Based in Illinois, U.S.A., PollEverywhere specializes in text message polling and mobile audience response.


PollEverywhere Device Options

PollEverywhere does not offer wireless keypad response devices for rental or purchase. PollEverywhere exclusively relies on web-based live audience polling software to deliver its audience response system solutions.

Longer established audience response system providers, Vistacom, Audience Response Systems Inc, Turning Technologies, and iClicker provide mobile and keypad audience response solutions.

Vistacom, Audience Response Systems Inc, and iClicker offer web-based live audience polling software similar to PollEverywhere. These web-based mobile response solutions can be accessed from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.


PollEverywhere Connectivity Options

PollEverywhere’s audience response system can be accessed via Wifi, cellular, and text/SMS. They are one of a few audience response system vendors who have integrated text/SMS response into their offering. PollEverywhere does not support wireless radio frequency connectivity given its strict mobile focus.


PollEverywhere Customer Support

PollEverywhere offers layered levels of remote support to their do-it-yourself users. Users of their free offering are provided an FAQ. Premium users can access email and telephonic support. Highest tier customers can benefit from the support of on-site technicians.

Audience Response Systems Inc and Vistacom provide full-service support, as standard, to customers using audience response systems. In addition, Vistacom and PollEverywhere’s on-site tech support and dedicated account management are supplemented with extensive troubleshooting content and digital resources.