In this part of our Top Audience Response Keypad Manufacturers series, we provide a snapshot of Reply® Systems audience response keypads.


Pioneering audience response keypad manufacturer

Fleetwood Group has been manufacturing Reply® Systems audience response keypads for over twenty-five years. Recently acquired by the German audience response software company, Infowhyse GmbH, Reply Systems keypads are now manufactured here in the United States as well as overseas.

With Wi-Fi avoidance features and proprietary radio protocol, Reply® keypads operate with immunity to connectivity- and security-related interference from wireless networks and mobile devices.

More than 6 million Reply® Systems keypad clicker devices have been used to boost the engagement and interactivity of events across the globe.

Vistacom is one of a handful of U.S. audience response companies authorized to resell Reply audience response keypads.


 Handheld audience response keypads

The Reply® Plus and Worldwide keypads historically are two of the most used clicker devices of the Reply keypad range. Though production of these audience response keypads has been discontinued, distributors continue to recommend them. With an exceptional coverage range and shelf life of 10+ years, the Plus and Worldwide keypads, though large in size, are still preferred by many.


Palm sized audience response keypads

Coming in at less than a quarter of the weight of their predecessors, the Reply Mini and Interact lines offer powerful, yet tiny keypad clickers for audience response. With a relatively strong range and expanded feature sets, these audience response keypads are chosen for their performance and size. Between the two lines, Interact keypads can be purchased at lower price points.


Reply Interact Mini

Mini LCD
Best suited for Corporate Meetings
Compact but powerful
Most affordable

Reply Interact

Best suited for Events
Supports 80% of audience response use cases
True multi-digit

Reply Interact Plus

Best suited for Classrooms & Lectures
Special classroom response features
SMS text messaging
Homework support

Reply Interact Pro

Best suited for Elections
Candidate elections
Turbo speed and range
Batch voting and evaluation

architecture of Reply audience response keypads

The hardware architecture of Reply keypads is one of the most flexible on the market, supporting a wide range of use cases. Their audience response systems software supports a dynamic range of functions including parliamentary and council style voting, live polling, meeting collaboration, qualitative data collection, classroom response, candidate elections, and television game shows.