4 Surprise Costs Audience Response System Sellers Add To Quoted Prices

Many audience response system companies sell audience response keypad equipment and software at varying market prices. While some abide by inclusive pricing models, others have invisible costs that are often missed during the vetting process. 

When choosing between vendors, there are a few key pricing factors that should be included in RFP requests to ensure that surprise add-on costs don’t appear later in the buying process. Here’s what to look out for when requesting quotes for audience response system purchases.

Software Licensing

Some audience response system vendors require buyers of audience response systems to pay an annual fee for continuous software access, whereas other vendors provide an unlimited usage license. Only a handful of audience response keypad suppliers include unlimited software installs as standard for their buyers. 

It’s important to also clarify how many computer installs are covered per license purchase. When collecting quotes, request confirmation of whether there is a time limit on the period within which your organization can install the audience response system’s software onto computers.

Maintenance Agreements

As with all software, your audience response system will need to be updated regularly to ensure smooth performance. Depending on whether a supplier offers annual or lifetime software licenses, routine software enhancements could bring future added costs. Ensure each vendor being vetted specifies which maintenance services (ie. bug fixing, OS upgrades) are covered within their quote.


The size and weight of the audience response keypads being supplied will have an additional impact on the price being quoted. To prevent surprise add-on expenses, request that vendors include estimated shipping costs in their proposals. Though this may not be an exact figure, it will give a clear indication of how much price variability to expect when ready to purchase.

Customer Support

In some instances, audience response system suppliers charge renewal fees for access to their technical support teams. Others offer lifetime customer support guarantees to those who purchase audience response keypads from them. To protect yourself from surprise costs, request clarification on your initial onboarding and ongoing support options.