In this installation of the 3 Minute Audience Response System Comparison series, we’re taking a closer look at Turning Technologies. Founded in 2002, Turning Technologies is an education technology company that provides an interactive response system, TurningPoint, used primarily for classroom response, learner assessment and class engagement.

TurningPoint Audience Response System

Turning Technologies offers three types of audience response keypad devices for rental or purchase. Their audience response system keypads can be hired for rental with or without receiving on-site support. Turning Technologies is part of a select group of audience response system vendors that offer both mobile and keypad device solutions.

Vistacom, Audience Response Systems Inc, and iClicker offer web-based mobile response solutions, which can be accessed on-site or remotely via smartphone, tablet or desktop. Compared to other vendors selling audience response keypads, Turning Technologies is the only one to have introduced an annual licensing fee, which their users must renew each year following initial purchase.

TurningPoint Software

TurningPoint audience response systems are fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and customized with special features for educators. TurningWeb is a special web platform for educators to track incoming results in real time and complete classroom specific tasks such as assigning homework. Their software can be used for interactive polling and surveying, knowledge testing, quizzing and assessment.

TurningPoint Customer Support

Turning Technologies offers an extensive range of digital training materials such as video tutorials and webinars to onboard their customers. Customers can choose from do-it-yourself service with phone and email support, and their fully managed service with access to a support specialist and on-site technician.