In months, salespeople from all across the world will begin gathering for sales kick off meetings. Will yours be one to remember, with data-driven insights and interactive experiences that resonate in the minds of sales reps?

why Employee input is critical to SKO MEETING planning

Delivering sales kick off meetings with measurable results is no small feat. It takes planning, and input from your sales reps and managers. Don’t underestimate the value of feedback from your star players and benchwarmers. With input from stakeholders across the sales organization, SKO organizers can deliver content that’s no longer forgettable, but rather instrumental.

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SKO speakers find innovative ways to command attention

Sales kick off speakers have a very limited window of time to command the focus and interest of your salesforce. It takes both skill and a bit of technology to get audiences engaged, inspired and prepared to generate more deals. Here’s how speakers can make their time count.

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Flashy sko’s don’t guarantee STRONGER SALES performance

Now, don’t be alarmed, but reinforcement needs to begin at the time of your sales kick off meeting. The fact of the matter is no matter how engaging your meeting discussions and interactive your SKO sessions, your salesforce needs behavior-based reinforcement to achieve sustained sales performance. Find out how meeting organizers are getting this done.

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